Amorim has emerged as a new favorite for the club’s new manager

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Sporting Lisbon coach Ruben Amorim has emerged as a new favorite for the club’s new manager. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Just decided to sack Bruno Lach from the position of manager. After the game lost 2-0 to West Ham United at the London Stadium on Saturday past. It was the 4th defeat of the first 8 games in the Premier League. Sinking in the relegation zone, #18Odd Checkers website Report the movement of the various legal gambling shops. 

Found that one of the new team managers Wolverhampton Wanderers are name for Amorim, a 37-year-old coach. Who currently coaches Sporting. And has a massive £20 million release clause in his contract. The second favorite is also the Portuguese coach, Pedro Martins. Who is currently unemploy after being sacked by Greek side Olympiakos in August.

The top 5 favorites for the new coach, WolvesRuben Amorim (best price 4/1 (thrust 1 pays 4 without capital), worst price 5/4 (stack 4 pays 5, not including capital)

Pedro Martins (best price 6/1 (thrust 1 pays 6, not including capital), worst price 4/1 (thrust 1 pays 4, not including capital)

Julen Lopetegui (best price 6/1 (thrust 1 pays 6, excluding capital), worst price 4/1 (thrust 1 pays 4, excluding capital)

Sergio Consaisau (best price 14/1 (thrust 1 pay 14, excluding capital), worst price 10/1 (thrust 1, pay 10, excluding capital)

Andre Villas-Boash (best price 16/1 (thrust 1 pays 16, excluding capital), worst price 8/1 (thrust 1, pays 8, excluding capital)