Terry gave ‘Mourinho’ an example of his work to Potter

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Former Chelsea defender John Terry has described how former boss Jose Mourinho work. When he first came in charge of current manager Graeme Potter.

         Potter took over the team to replace Thomas Tuchel, who was sacked. With not many fans questioning whether they are worthy of managing a big team like “Sing the Blues”. Which Terry compares to when Mourinho took the job at Stamford Bridge mford bridge.

         When asked if the job at Chelsea was too big for Potter, Terry said: “I don’t think it is. I think what he did at Brighton was incredible. And their position in the league speaks for itself.”

         “When you talk to someone on the training ground or around the pitch. What he does on the pitch speaks for itself, the way he plays, his strategy, but also the way he treats the players. And I think in this era if you’re a young manager. You have to understand the players ufabet. And I think the young coaches understand the players better than anyone and can build relationships.”

         “I think you have to reach them from day one. Everyone will be watching. first meeting first rehearsal How is his attitude? How does he act? How will he cope with a large dressing room? and if he comes in and puts on those uniforms from day one The players are like, ‘Oh, hi’, like we did when Mourinho came in.”

         “No one had ever heard of his name, and he came in and said, ‘I’m the manager’ if (Potter) does the same thing on the pitch and off the pitch. The players will respect that. But at the same time they will keep an eye on his training and tactically how he prepares the team for the game. So you have two or three days to impress the players and put everything into it.”

         “And listen, I hope he does well.”